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 Alongha (1)
 Avid See All 28 Avid
XO. 5 Compounds Elixir / XX Semi-Metallic Elixir / XX Sintered Elixir / XX Kevlar
Semi-Metallic Ceramic Pro Ceramic Hard Alu Super Light
Sintered Kevlar Code 2011 (R) Semi-Metallic Code 2011 (R) Sintered
Code 2011 (R) Kevlar BB5 Semi-Metallic BB5 Ceramic Pro BB5 Ceramic Hard
BB5 Sintered BB5 Kevlar Code Semi-Metallic Code Sintered
 Cannondale See All 2 Cannondale
Coda Semi-Metallic 4 Pairs Semi-Metallic Coda Sintered 4 Pairs Sintered
 Diatech See All 5 Diatech
Anchor Semi-Metallic Anchor Kevlar Anchor Sintered Kinetic Sintered
 Formula See All 18 Formula
Mega Semi-Metallic Mega Sintered Mega Kevlar ORO Semi-Metallic
ORO Sintered ORO Alu Super Light ORO Kevlar ORO Ceramic Pro
ORO Ceramic Hard B4 Semi-Metallic B4 Sintered B4 Ceramic Pro
B4 Ceramic Hard B4 Kevlar Hydro Semi-Metallic Hydro Sintered
 Giant See All 5 Giant
MPH2/3 Semi-Metallic MPH2/3 Sintered MPH2/3 Kevlar MPH1 Semi-Metallic
 Grimeca See All 10 Grimeca
System 1 Sintered 6 & 9 Sintered 7 Sintered 11/17 Semi-Metallic
8 Semi-Metallic 8 Ceramic Pro 8 Ceramic Hard 8 Sintered
8 Kevlar 8 Spare Spring   
 Hayes See All 23 Hayes
Semi-Metallic Sintered Ceramic Pro Ceramic Hard
Kevlar Alu Super Light Stroker Ace Semi-Metallic Stroker Ace Sintered
Stroker Ryde Semi-Metallic Stroker Ryde Sintered Stroker Ryde Kevlar Stroker Trail Semi-Metallic
Stroker Trail Sintered Stroker Trail Kevlar Sole Semi-Metallic Sole Sintered
Sole Kevlar El Camino Semi-Metallic El Camino Sintered Prime Sintered
Prime Kevlar Prime Semi-Metallic Stroker Ryde Spare Spring  
 Hope See All 37 Hope
Mini Semi-Metallic Mini Ceramic Pro Mini Ceramic Hard Mini Sintered
Mini Kevlar Mono Mini Semi-Metallic Mono Mini Sintered Mono Mini Kevlar
M4 Semi-Metallic M4 Sintered M4 Kevlar C2 Semi-Metallic
C2 Sintered C2 Kevlar XC4 Semi-Metallic XC4 Sintered
6 pot Semi-Metallic 6 pot Sintered Moto V2 Semi-Metallic Moto V2 Sintered
Moto V2 Kevlar Mono Trial Sintered Tech X2 Semi-Metallic Mono M4 Semi-Metallic
Mono M4 Ceramic Pro Mono M4 Ceramic Hard Mono M4 Sintered Mono M4 Kevlar
 Logan (1)
 Magura See All 33 Magura
Louise 07 Semi-Metallic Louise 07 Sintered Louise 07 Kevlar Louise FR Semi-Metallic
Louise FR Ceramic Pro Louise FR Ceramic Hard Louise FR Sintered Louise FR Kevlar
Julie Semi-Metallic Julie Ceramic Pro Julie Ceramic Hard Julie Sintered
Gustav Semi-Metallic Gustav Ceramic Pro Gustav Ceramic Hard Gustav Sintered
Louise 1tab Semi-Metallic Louise 1tab Ceramic Pro Louise 1tab Ceramic Hard Louise 1tab Sintered
Marta Semi-Metallic Marta Ceramic Pro Marta Ceramic Hard Marta Sintered
Marta Kevlar MT 2 4 6 8 Semi-Metallic MT 2 4 6 8 Kevlar MT 2 4 6 8 Sintered
 Promax See All 13 Promax
DSK-400 Semi-Metallic DSK-400 Sintered DSK-400 Kevlar Semi-Metallic
Ceramic Pro Ceramic Hard Sintered Kevlar
Alu Super Light DSK-320 Semi-Metallic DSK-710 Semi-Metallic DSK-903 Semi-Metallic
DSK-905 Semi-Metallic    
Disc Sintered 4 Pairs Sintered   
 RST See All 8 RST
DX Semi-Metallic DX Sintered D-Power Kevlar D-Power Sintered
 Shimano See All 30 Shimano
XTR M985 Semi-Metallic XTR M985 Kevlar XTR M985 Sintered Saint BR-M810 Semi-Metallic
Saint BR-M810 Kevlar Saint BR-M810 Sintered XTR XT SLX LX Semi-Metallic XTR XT SLX LX Ceramic Pro
XTR XT SLX LX Ceramic Hard XTR XT SLX LX Sintered XTR XT SLX LX Kevlar XTR XT SLX LX Alu Super Light
Deore 525 Kevlar Deore 525 Semi-Metallic Deore 525 Ceramic Pro Deore 525 Ceramic Hard
Deore 525 Sintered XT 755 Semi-Metallic XT 755 Ceramic Pro XT 755 Ceramic Hard
XT 755 Sintered XT 755 Kevlar Deore 555 Semi-Metallic Deore 555 Ceramic Pro
 Suntour (1)
 Tektro See All 11 Tektro
IOX.11 Semi-Metallic IOX.11 Kevlar IOX.11 Sintered N11.11 Semi-Metallic
N11.11 Kevlar N11.11 Sintered Auriga Semi-Metallic Auriga Sintered
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