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  •  Disc Rotors

    Floating 160mm 6in

    Floating 180mm 7in

    Floating 203mm 8in

    Vibe 160mm 6in

    Vibe 180mm 7in

    Vibe 203mm 8in

    AirTech 160 -203mm

    140 - 203mm
     Brake Adaptors, Matching Mount (PM-PM or IS-IS) Fork and Frame

    PM to PM 180mm

    PM to PM 203mm

     Brake Adaptors, PM-IS, Fork

    PM to IS 160mm

    PM to IS 180mm

    PM to IS 203mm

    20mm Axle PM to IS

    PM to IS Mirror Mount
     Brake Adaptors, PM-IS, Frame

    PM to IS 160mm

    PM to IS 180mm

    PM to IS 203mm

     Hydraulic Hose - Complete Kits (Hose + End Fittings)

    Avid Hose Kit

    Shimano Hose Kit

    Magura Hose Kit

    Hayes Hose Kit

    Tektro Hose Kit

    Giant Hose Kit

     Hydraulic Hose - Hose Only (without end fittings)

    Kevlar Nylon 5mm OD 1m

    Kevlar Nylon 5mm OD 2m

    Kevlar Nylon 5.4mm OD 1m

    Kevlar Nylon 5.4 OD 2m

    Braided 5mm OD 1m

    Braided 5mm OD 2m

    Braided 5.4mm OD 1m

    Braided 5.4mm OD 2m

     Hydraulic Hose - End Fittings Only
     Oversize Upgrade Kit
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     Cables Gear
     Cables Brake

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    Disco Deck Ts White
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