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Front Disk Brake Cable Guides
Complete Set with Tools

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This professional and powerful cable guide set will replace zip ties for good on your front brake, while protecting your paintwork and your cables
it is also suitable for adjustable height seatposts with remote actuation such as Rockshox Reverb

Kit consists of
  • Split Cable Clamp
  • Split Cable Guide
  • Cable Clamp O-Ring
  • Cable Guide O-Ring
  • O-Ring Spanner tool
  • 3mm Allen Key Tool

    Use the cable clamp to firmly secure the cable on the fork lower. Attach the cable guide above the stanchion to allow the cable to freely pass through the guide when the bike is in motion and suspension fork travel changes. Both Clamp and Guide and split to allow easy installation without having to disconnect the hose from calliper or master cylinder. The cable is automatically secured 10mm from the fork to prevent any cable rub damage.

  • EPDM O-rings have excellent elasticity, longevity and weather resistance
  • The guide will help prevent cable kinks due to fork travel movement
  • Universal O-ring clamp will fit any fork diameter
  • Suitable for hydraulic or cable brakes
  • Patented Design

    UPC: 5055429908586
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    Front Disk Brake Cable Guides

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