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Oops, I crashed my forks
Well, I've bought some carbon forks, I'm very happy with the ride (prefer them to my RC31's), and now I've crashed them. Not very hard at all, but I hit them into a wall, and I've scratched the lacquer.

How do I tell if they are ok, and if I've chipped the lacquer, do I need to touch it up with something?

by leonlikestrees     Thu Dec 04, 2008


Sorry to hear about your crash.

Unfortunately if you've had a crash and damaged your forks then we recommend you stop riding with them immediately and replace them.

Continuing to ride with any damaged part could result in unpredictable failure.

by support     Fri Dec 05, 2008

Do you have any crash replacement deals, and do you make the same recommendation on the aluminium forks?

by leonlikestrees     Mon Dec 08, 2008

As manufacturer, we have to recommend that any crashed or damaged part is replaced.

Sorry, we don't have a crash replacement deal at present. Our prices are already rock bottom for the exceptional quality your getting.

by support     Wed Dec 10, 2008

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