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Carbon fork for 20'' MTB
I'm looking for a rigid fork for a MTB with 20'' wheels and Vbrakes. Is it possible to build one ? How long would it take and what would be the prize approx ?

Jose - France

by Josema     Mon Mar 09, 2009


We have a 20 in disc only fork. See CC-F03-20


If you would like us to custom build one with V brake mounts, the price would be 300 US Dollars excluding shipping (UK to France) and & you would need to wait 3-6 months for delivery.

Thanks for your enquiry

Best Regards

by support     Mon Mar 09, 2009

Well, that's a prize.
I thought it would be easy for you to shorten the legs of a cc-f0225 or add the VBmounts to a cc-f0420 as you do with MTB forks. I didn't expect it to be so complex.
I just want to find a light fork to replace my son's suspension fork that came as standard with his MTB. As many others, I think that these forks are inappropriate for children as they are too heavy.
Would you have any other solution ?

by Josema     Mon Mar 09, 2009

The solution is easy. Buy the fork they linked you to and then buy a Avid BB7 mechanical brake for the front wheel with a 160mm rotor. Mechanical disk brakes work with brake levers made for V-brakes and you can adjust their modulation better then v-brakes to make them more or less powerful.


by mountaingoatepics     Sat Mar 28, 2009

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