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eXotic Carbon Rigid MTB Fork - Disc Only stock
When are your Disc only forks going to be back in stock (CC-F0345)

by Tim     Tue Mar 10, 2009

Yeah, id like to know to Rolling Eyes

by Triilny     Wed Mar 11, 2009

and me Sad

by damo666     Wed Mar 11, 2009


We're expecting them to be back in stock by the end of this month


by support     Thu Mar 12, 2009

Will you be expecting scandium flat bars in stock at the same time? Is it possible to put in an advanced order for a 26" disc only fork and a flat bar?

by elektron     Wed Mar 18, 2009

I'm after the forks as well Crying or Very sad

by MikeW     Thu Mar 19, 2009

Im too after some of these forks !

Couple of things

1. whats the max size rotor the forks can take ?

2. the 42.5 & 44.5 is that the different lenghts the forks come in ?

by knighty     Mon Mar 23, 2009


We're still expecting them by the end of this month.

They are warrantied for up to 165mm rotors, and yes 42.5 & 44.5 are the lengths measured from the center of the hub to the top of the crown.


by support     Tue Mar 24, 2009

do you know how many of the forks you have coming in??, as it seems there are lot of people that want them MYSELF INCLUDED Wink

by damo666     Tue Mar 24, 2009

getting very close to the end of the month now..... any further info on the avaiability of these forks??? Crying or Very sad

by damo666     Sat Mar 28, 2009


They will be back in stock tomorrow, Tuesday 31st March.


by support     Mon Mar 30, 2009

are the disc only 44.5 version in stock yet?, as it is still showing no stock at the order stage, and you said they was due in stock today 31st march.
thank you

by damo666     Tue Mar 31, 2009

Hi damo666

They are just back in stock now.


by support     Tue Mar 31, 2009

Hi electron,

Update on the scandium flat bars:
They should be back in stock in 2-3 months I am told.


by support     Wed Apr 01, 2009

Hi, on the subject of bars, do you know when you will be getting the scandium 25.4mm riser bars back in stock? Cheers

by housey666     Wed Apr 01, 2009

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