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CC F0145 alu fork
Hello, I'd like to buy the eXotic Rigid Alu MTB Fork CC Fo145. Firstly, would it cost me anything to ship it to Rusisa (if you deal with Russia at all)?
And secondly, very important, what is the rider's weight limit for these forks? I am 110 kg but I'm aiming at non-aggressive riding mainly on asphalt roads.

by zaharvovin     Sat Mar 28, 2009


Yes we ship to Russia. Please contact us at the support email address on the Help page.

There is no rider weight limit on the Alu forks. So like most bike parts, common sense should be used. It seems like for your weight & riding style there won't be any problem using these forks.

Thanks for your enquiry.

by support     Tue Mar 31, 2009

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