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Carbon Forks - Weight Limit
Hi all,

Im interested in a set of the carbon rigid forks from the website.

The only problem is I weigh around 100kg and it states max rider weight 95kg. I dont do any really hard riding mainly just on the road and the ocasional trail. Do you think the forks will be ok with my weight or is it time to hit the salads Cool



by kriss     Mon Apr 06, 2009


Earlier this year we increased the max rider weight limit to 97.5kg (215lbs). The web site has been updated recently.

This is the new weight up to which the forks are covered by the warranty.

Best Regards

by support     Mon Apr 13, 2009

kriss, I'm 208 lbs and rode the Technical Goodness of Pisgah National Forest on the East Coast and am now riding the high altitude goodness of the Colorado Rockies. Nothing but praise for the carbon Exotic Fork and how well it handles the rough through any kind of situation.

by mountaingoatepics     Mon Apr 20, 2009

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