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Order sent for packing?
Can anyone help?
I placed an order on 17th may 2009 paying by paypal. Since then my Account has documented the following:- PayPal PARKED Payment received, order sent for packing.
I have tried to contact support with all the details, but the message that I sent seems to be stuck in an "Outbox" and will not move into "Sentbox" so consequently has not been read or replied to. When can I expect my order to be dispatched, and how do I contact Support with my message stuck in Outbox?
Thanks, pipmeister

by pipmeister     Wed May 20, 2009

hi m8...
suffering the exact same problem as you, did you order the carbon cobra seatpost?? like me. the 2 previouis orders i made (forks and barends) came within 48 hours never had parked payment notice like i have now Confused hope support gets back in touch soon as i really want my new seatpost like yesterday!!!!

by damo666     Wed May 20, 2009

Hi there,
My current "Parked Payment" order is for some forks, which are the second pair that I am buying from here. The first pair were dispatched just fine.
I have previously e-mailed a couple of questions to support, and the replies were almost immediate. I can't figure out how to get my current question from my Outbox to my Sentbox!
Anyone else know how?

by pipmeister     Wed May 20, 2009

hi m8,
i have just pm"D support regarding my order...
they have just informed me that it will be shipped today as there was a delay regarding the stock travelling thru customs which has now been sorted.

by damo666     Thu May 21, 2009

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