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Pre-Sale Announcement 1/2 Price Carbon Rims for 1 week only
From the 1st June 2009 till the 7th June 2009, all carbon rims will be HALF PRICE on www.carboncycles.cc

There is limited stock for this promotion and it will run for a very limited time only.

by support     Wed May 27, 2009

hi my question is...
do the rims come in pairs ?? ie will i get 2 rims for �99.99 when they go on sale???

by damo666     Thu May 28, 2009

Hi damo666

The carbon rims are sold individually, so that is the price per rim

Many people chose more holes on the rear than front.

Thanks for your question

by support     Fri May 29, 2009

thanks but i would have only had them if they were in pairs...
very nice but out of my price range im afraid Sad

by damo666     Fri May 29, 2009

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