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I have been "thinking" of getting a set of carbon forks for over a year. I finally placed my order and am waiting on delivery. I ordered the disk only 46.5 carbon unit, the carbon cap bolt, and some spacers. This fork is going on my Trek MTB turned Hybrid. I have a set of Kane Creek 700C wheels set up with the original discs. A wider than normal road tire is my compromise for comfort. The crank set has been upgraded to an XT set and the rear derailer upgraded to XT. The seat is the ergomomic Sella with the down pointed nose. I am removing a set of Rock Shox and am thinking that the ride might be a tad better and Ill reduce some weight. The front end will be lowered about a half inch or so.


by markinnc     Tue Jun 02, 2009

I'd say I received great service. I placed an order for a new carbon fork and a few small parts using the internet over the past weekend and my stuff was on my doorstep last night, Wednesday, getting home from work.

I bought the 46mm disk only unit and it looks beautiful. I changed plans and installed it last night. I had a difficult time getting the bottom bearing race off of the Rock Shox without causing damage. And, I never did get the Exotic Carbon fork tightening unit to work. I removed the old star washer and it worked fine.

The new fork is about 3/4" shorter than the forks I removed so I cut my steerer tube 3/4" longer than the old ones. If I need to cut it down I can but can't go the other way.

I rode around on the street in front of my house then went out on one of my normal 10 mile rides. It all works great. The tubes on this new fork flex a little I noted when applying front break firmly. I will have to watch but all appears good now.

The color of the fork is normal carbon checked black/dark gray not red as in the pictures. Maybe carbon changes color in differant lighting??


by markinnc     Thu Jun 04, 2009

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