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trekking forks

Would you buy a cheap disc-brake carbon fork that is lighter than a carbon mtb fork, but more robust and longer than a carbon road fork?
Yes, I need one for my tourer/cyclocross-er/city-flyer
 100%  [ 3 ]
No, what's the point in that?
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 3

Super news on the release of a trekking forks, however I would like to make a few comments and suggestions for improvements:

1. There is no crown to axle length given on the site, which is important information for most people.
2. The crown looks crude and too big, it looks similar to the crown on your mtb forks. No tourer, trekker, cyclocross nut or city-flyer is going to run 2.5" tyres. Make the crown smaller, it will lighten up the fork and will make it look prettier.
3. Given that your new carbon steerer, monocoque road fork is the same price, the trekking fork seems a little expensive. However it is still good value when compared to the competition.
4. Perhaps you should aim you trekking fork to be more like the bontrager satellite elite fork. It is much more suited to the target market, has a much more simple design and as such I imagine it would be cheaper to manufacture.
5. There is definitely a market out there for a fork that is lighter than an mtb rigid but more robust and longer than a road fork. I myself had to compromise and buy your 44.5cm mtb fork two months ago because there is not much choice out there for cheap carbon trekking forks.
6. Options for disc only and v-brake & disc would be nice.

If anybody else out there has any comments on trekking/cyclocross forks please do share your ideas/views.

by electron     Tue Jun 09, 2009

Thanks very much for your your comments and feedback.

The length measured from centre of hub to top of crown is 410mm.

We'll keep in mind your comments on the crown size, but let me assure you that the forged 6061 Al crown is not at all crude and that this fork looks amazing in real life. The photos don't really do it justice.

Remember also that the Bontrager forks legs use a carbon wrap on an alu core whereas our fork features full carbon fibre stanchions.

Best Regards

by support     Fri Jun 12, 2009

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