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DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles to support GARV�A BIKEs
For a couple of years GARV�A BIKEs have been part of the DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles supported family and have helped to spread the word about our two brands.

This little form post will give everybody the chance to follow GARV�A BIKEs success story and maybe even pick up a few tips and tricks about bike setup.

But now without further ado a few words about the man himself:

Despite having lots of experience in competitive cycling, the background in other sports have helped me a lot to be in the top places of cycling championships, even when competing against professional bikers.

Usually, you can find me in MTB Marathon Races, but ever so often I get involved in XC races too.

My entire career in competitive cycling I have working with DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles

We have complete confidence in this two brands because they have shown us every day that we can truly trust them to push ourselves beyond the limits.

I am really strict with training and nutrition, but all that would be useless if the mechanic components fail, thus DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles are the best complement to have every part working smoothly together.

We are really graceful to use DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles parts on our race machines, as well as showing everybody the cap when we are on the podium.

Needless to say that it is a pleasure for us to count on DiscoBrakes and CarbonCycles support, wishing to carry on our long lasting relationship.

Cheers and ride hard and fun!

We will carry on updating the post over the following months with race results and stories from off and on the race track. Watch this space for more GARV�A BIKEs news.

by Mikethebike     Thu Aug 18, 2016

This Sunday, we went to the Sad Hill MTB Marathon in Santo Domingo de Silos (Burgos / Spain) to try to ratify our first position (Master 30) of the last year and to improve the race time.

After 82 kms of a hard MTB track, we could achieve our two aims and come back home with a new podium in the highest position of Master 30.

We could finished in the 7th position of the scratch among several professional bikers, so we are really satisfied with the final result.

As usually, we raced with several DiscoBrakes and Carbon Cycles Components, but we want to remark today the excellent behaviour of the floating disk brakes and the kevlar pads in our Shimano XT Brakes.

by jgarvia     Sun Aug 28, 2016

In September, we have had a month plenty of MTB races. We have ride a lot with great results:

- 1st Master 35 / 2nd Scratch in Oca�a (Toledo)
- 4th Master 30 in Sacacorchos Bike Marat�n (Toledo)

- 1st Master 30 / 3rd Scratch in Skoda Gran Fondo de Buitrago (Madrid)
- 2nd Master 35 in Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid)

- 1st Master 30 / 3rd Scratch in El Carpio de Tajo (Toledo)

We keep you informed of our next races!

by jgarvia     Sat Oct 01, 2016

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