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4X, downhill racer, Red Bull Rampage winner, Enduro superstar and all-round Mountain Bike legend Cédric Gracia has joined the DISCOBRAKES team.

For the next three years, he will be racing and testing our products under the most demanding conditions and will work with our R&D team on the latest DISCOBRAKES line-up.

One product, which has already benefited from Cédric’s vast experience and test pedigree is his signature Copper Free disc brake pads. So if you're looking for powerful, quiet disc brake pads with a long life expectancy – and all that with the added bonus of no harmful copper in the compound, then look no further and select CG's Signature Copper Free pad.

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We will be bringing you stories and news from the man himself via our forum, newsletter and Facebook page. So keep your eyes peeled for more Cédric Gracia / DISCOBRAKES news soon.

by mikethebike     Tue Nov 29, 2016

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