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The fun of going rigid!
If you have been mountain biking for a while, then you will probably have started off with a rigid fork on your first bike. Looking back you sometimes wonder how you managed to negotiate the rough trails and tracks without 100 or 130mm of travel up front�but you did and it was fun.

Riding a rigid fork has a special kind of feeling. You are super connected with the trail, you have to be very particular with your line choice and you also get a rather different �over-all� body workout from riding with no suspension up front. Modern rigid forks have come a long way in terms of weight, material strength but also vibration absorption.

They are by no means as comfortable as a suspension fork but with the clever choice of material and/or carbon layup you can create a surprisingly smooth ride. And they are completely maintenance free. So why not try a CARBONCYCLES rigid fork on your hardtail.

You will be surprised what they are capable of, and you might even shave a few seconds of your personal best. Have a look at our broad range of 20", 24", 26", 650b, 700c, fat bike and 29er forks � from all aluminium models all the way to our top of the line all carbon monocoque version.

To find out more about the right fork for your bike and suspension fork it will replace please have a look at our Fork Selector�or/and read the detailed instructions on how to use it here.�

by Mikethebike     Wed Apr 05, 2017

I just installed a Carboncycles rigid fork on my rig and I love it. Converted to a single speed also and im really enjoying it.

by teknoclash     Sun Jun 04, 2017

We are delighted that you like our forks.

As a direct business, we rely very much on positive feedback and I was wondering of you would be willing to share your experience via Trustpilot. Here the link to our Trustpilot page: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/carboncycles.cc

Thank you very much for your support in advance, and hopefully, we can welcome you on www.discobrakes.com and/or www.carboncycles.cc again soon.

by Mikethebike     Thu Jun 08, 2017

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