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We don't just look after road and mountain bikers!
CARBONCYCLES and DISCOBRAKES are famous for their high-quality road and mountain bike parts line-up. Our customers are often surprised to find out that we also have a rather large range of BMX specific products.

Besides DISCOBRAKES� offering of BMX brake blocks, our CARBONCYCLES BMX range consists of forks, pedals, handlebars, seat posts�and sprockets just to name a few. Our customers love our range and are convinced that we offer great value for money at the highest quality�but don�t just take their word for it�the BMX press has tested a fair few of our products over time and has come back with some amazing feedback�.

RIDE UK on our bars: 'They feel light but look solid, thanks to butted tubing and a smaller radius crossbar. The price point is amazing - these come in at less than �30 - so if you're looking for new bars on a budget, these are a legit option. There's a bit of eXotic detailing on the crossbar and at the rear, by the clamp�area, which is quite subtle but provides a bit of character. All in all, decent bars, great price.'
Read their complete review here.

BMXTALK on our carbon CREATURE BMX fork: 'The eXotic CREATURE is a stunning carbon BMX fork with 7075 Al steerer, carbon fibre tube stanchions and forged 6061 Al dropouts.'
Read their complete review here.

by Mikethebike     Thu Apr 06, 2017

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