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DiscoBrakes athlete Yahor Aliaksandrau wins the Naliboki
DiscoBrakes powered XC and marathon racer Yahor Aliaksandrau managed to secure a win in the biggest marathon event in Belarus � the Naliboki � which attracts over 1000 riders. Yahor won the Elite and Open category in the 100km distance.

Congratulations from everybody at DiscoBrakes.

Yahor uses our latest copper free and the sintered disc brake pads.

And if you in need of some high-quality disc brake pads at a great price then go to our disc brake pages..

by Mikethebike     Thu May 25, 2017

Yahor has also been busy posting some great stuff on the Russian MTB site www.twentysix.ru. Please here for the story.

by Mikethebike     Thu Jun 01, 2017

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