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More pads for Magura MT5/MT7 please?
Any plans to manufacture the cool ones for these 4-pots?

by brutoOo0     Tue Jul 04, 2017

Will be on sale around third week of September 2017. Check our shop

by support     Wed Jul 05, 2017

not soon enough, but better than never Smile
which compounds?

by brutoOo0     Wed Jul 05, 2017

all except hard ceramic. MT5 semi-metallic are already in stock

by support     Thu Jul 06, 2017

why not, I wonder
HC is supposed to be the bees knees, isn't it?

by brutoOo0     Thu Jul 06, 2017

and there they are

by brutoOo0     Tue Sep 19, 2017

See OBE-DM08C for MT5
and OBE-DM09C for MT7

by support     Wed Sep 20, 2017

Running Discobrakes MT7 pads for a while:

Kevlars in my old bike:


CG copper free in my new bike:


CG's are much better due to extra durability.

Discobrakes FTW!!

by egadisco     Wed Feb 20, 2019

Just went to order some kevlars for the mt7 and MT4, seems only semi metallic is currently in stock.

Any insight I to when to expect the kevlars back inn stock?

by crembz     Thu Aug 22, 2019

MT7 Kevlar should be back in stock in about a week. The pads are at the port and are getting processed as we speak.

Hope that helps.


by Mikethebike     Fri Aug 23, 2019

Fantastic thanks!

by crembz     Fri Aug 23, 2019

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