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Compound overview from SickBiker - video
Danny from SickBiker is going through the process of testing the various compounds (and has started this project earlier this year) of our DiscoBrakes range.

Check out the video with a detailed overview of our sintered, semi-metallic, kevlar, ceramic and copper-free pads.

Danny is working on the test of all of these compounds in different conditions and usages and will be back with more feedback in due course.

In the meantime - if you need some new pads for the many, many different disc brake types out there, then jump onto our disc brake pad page to view our entire range.

Check the 'Buy Multi-Packs & Save...' option which gives you even more incredible value for money.

If you like what Danny does, then keep your eyes on his very popular and busy YouTube Channel.

by Mikethebike     Wed Oct 25, 2017

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