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eeded new pads for my Shimano Deore LX Hyd brakes.

I took my bike to the local mechanic who diagnosed that I needed new pads for my Shimano Deore LX Hyd brakes.

A few weeks later I noticed that the front brake was spongy and had almost no stopping power so I took it back and they claimed they bled the brake. Got it back earlier this week and the problem persists, but also has a new problem in that the disk now squeals after I start riding it. I dab the brake lever, the squeal goes away momentarily then it returns. The mechanic reckons that a seal has gone and I will need to replace the whole brake system.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you

by spadekevin     Sat Jul 21, 2018

your brake going spongy normally is an indicator that the system needs bleeding. The fact that your brakes are now squealing is normally related to your pads or your rotor being contaminated.

As it appears that you are not getting the help you are hoping for from your mechanic, it can't hurt to get some feedback from a different mechanic as he/she might be able to sort the problem fairly easily.

Hope that helps.

DiscoBrake Team

by Mikethebike     Wed Aug 01, 2018

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