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suggestions to solve the following problem !!!

I'm looking for some suggestions to solve the following problem please:

I have a new bike with disc brakes. The front brake seems to be touching something once every revolution. However, when I touch the brake lever the catching stops. It is almost as though the brake pads have some slack or play in the caliper and they are touching the rotor. As soon as the slack is taken up by touching, not pulling, the brake lever the noise stops. Can anyone relate to this and explain how to remove the 'slack' on the pads and hopefully resolve the problem?

Incidently, when I get off the bike and spin the wheel the noise is not present - I only get the noise when riding the bike?!!
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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Thank you.

by spadekevin     Sat Jul 21, 2018

Thanks for your message, but it is very difficult to tell from afar what the problem(s) might be.

We would suggest to go to your local bike shop and get your brake system checked out. It is most likely something fairly small to put right.

DiscoBrake Team

by Mikethebike     Wed Aug 01, 2018

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