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Could this be the source of my problem ??

My rear v brake is hardly working at all. I have read alot of tech guides and have adjusted them as best I can, but they just don't seem to have any power. Its got to the point now where I can't even lock the rear up with them, and they won't hold me stationary on an incline either.

In comparison to the front brake, the lever itself feels very hard to pull. Could this be the source of my problem, and if so, whats actually happening because the rest of the setup seems fine in terms of adjustment.

The front brake is the same type and its fine, apart from approaching the end of the barrel adjuster nut which i need to pull a bit more cable through at the brake.

Bike is a declathlon rockrider 5.2, standard v brakes.
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

HR Solution Video

Thank you.

by spadekevin     Sat Jul 21, 2018

It is difficult to tell from afar, but you might we well advised changing your brake pads and making sure they are perfectly aligned with your rim.

For set-up maybe have a look here https://youtu.be/I3wcX8t7lZw and https://youtu.be/R0juifnbaAc.

The other element that can have an impact on how your brakes work is the cables. Might be worth changing the inner and out brake cable to make your brakes work smoothly.

You might be well advised to get some more feedback from a trained mechanic.

Hope that helps.

DiscoBrake Team

by mikethebike     Wed Aug 01, 2018

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