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Copper-free pads review on BIKERUMOR.COM
Great review of our copper-free pads now on Bikerumor.com.

'...braking was perfect and smooth with the DiscoBrakes Copper-Free pads from the start. Power is also consistent and strong, with quiet running and slow wear.'

Great feedback on Cedric Gracia's signature pads.

Check out the full review here.

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by Mikethebike     Fri Nov 30, 2018

I've tried almost all Discobrakes pad range, and i have to say that CG copper free ones are the best bang for the buck pads out there.

Good braking, low noise, really low wear and good price.

Very surprised with low wear compared with another pads, because i'm actually running two pairs in my Magura MT7 with about 600km of NW Spain winter (tons of water and mud) and still more than 50% of compound remaining.

by egadisco     Wed Feb 20, 2019

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