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Cedric Gracia slows down with DISCOBRAKES

4X, downhill racer, Red Bull Rampage winner, Enduro superstar and all-round Mountain Bike legend C�dric Gracia slows himself down with DISCOBRAKES brake pads.

C�dric has joined the DISCOBRAKES team in 2017 and has been racing and testing our products under the most demanding conditions as well as worked with our R&D team on the latest DISCOBRAKES line-up.

One product, which is close to C�dric's heart is his signature Copper Free disc brake pads. As you would expect, Cedric's favourite pad is all about top performance, achieving top marks on power/brake performance while getting high marks on quietness and life expectancy. Besides being a top performing pad, our copper free compound has the added bonus that it has a less damaging impact on the environment. While braking, the copper particles which can be found in other compounds wear off and can generate braking dust that can be washed into the groundwater. Bicycle brake pads have only a minute effect with regards to this (in comparison to for example car brake pads) but everything adds up, doesn't it?

So, if you're looking for powerful, quiet disc brake pads with a long life expectancy - and all that with the added bonus of no harmful copper in the compound, then look no further and select CG's Signature Copper Free pad.

C�dric is going through some exciting changes in his professional life, with the start of his new venture Forestal Bikes, and we for one and exciting to watch how the legend of C�dric Gracia continues to enrich the mountain bike world.

by Mikethebike     Mon Jun 17, 2019

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