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Flat pedals - a first!
In my years of riding, I have always used clipless pedals (aside from some toeclips for a year around 1992), when I first became 'a cyclist'.

Last night, I decided to try out riding my MTB on flat pedals. I live around very technical riding and many many people here use flats, but I just could never understand how they could do it.

To get into the trail network, one has to power up a steep, short incline, then it levels off while you roll into the wilderness. Within 5sec I was off the bike, as I started pulling up on the pedals https://bikesbros.com/flat-mountain-bike-pedals/ as I would with clipless. What I found bizarre was that I could manage downhill stuff more easily than uphills - I have just become so dependent on being attached to the bike!

Once the novelty wore off, it was actually pretty fun and I got better at it, but it never came naturally. To top that off, I ejected myself on a downhill (couldn't lower the dropper fast enough) and slid down a rock face on my shin, so now an nursing a very raw patch of skin today .

My riding buddy is a rapidly improving newbie (who uses flats) and was chuckling at all my miscues, but it was a good time. He has surpassed my fitness and last night, also my technical skills.

I guess this might be a self-imposed challenge? I have always thought flats were 'goofy', but thought it best to try out myself to prove it and I would definitely say I was wrong. I still think I am a clipless guy, but flats present a new, fun challenge to experienced riders.

by Ildagavil     Thu Aug 08, 2019

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