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Jose Hermida on sintered pads
Jose Antonio Hermida has been out testing the different brake pads and has come back with some great insight of why he likes his sintered pads.

Check out his findings and thoughts below.

Thanks Jose, great feedback! 👍👌


🇬🇧//Sintered Brake Pads? Yessssss.... and highly recommended ... Why? Sintered or "metal" brake pads are not only for rain and mud conditions ...
Unlike the organic ones that have very strong initial braking power but then lose, the Sintered ones have a super constant braking from the beginning to the end, they overheat much less in long descents or with a heavy bike/rider set, so the effect " fade "is minimized and they deteriorate lot less ... ideal for these periods of mud, rain ... and for ebike bikes that are heavier and burn more pads, for the braking power they need and upper braking time ... BEST IN THIS TIME !


by Mikethebike     Thu Feb 06, 2020

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