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DiscoBrakes - Brake Pad Identifier

Unsure about what disc brake pad you need?

We have put together our Brake Pad Identifier, which shows the outline of all our disc brake pads.

Click here to download the Brake Pad Identifier.

Once downloaded, simply go to the page that shows the pads for your brake manufacturer and compare the outline of the worn pad from your brake with the various options we offer.

The pads are shown in the correct size so that you can compare like-for-like. Once identified, simply click on the product code or pad image and it will take you directly to the corresponding page on www.discobrakes.com where you can find out further information and purchase.

If you are interested in finding out more about our various compound options and their characteristics, please click here.

These two steps combined should help you to find your perfect DiscoBrakes brake pad.

And should you need some advice on getting your new disc brake pads bedded in correctly, please check out the 'How to bed in a disc brake' forum post.


by Mikethebike     Tue Apr 21, 2020

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