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Fantastic DiscoBrakes disc pad review on cyclingnews.com
The cyclingnews.com crew had a closer look at a few of our products and gave them the highly regarded 'CYCLINGNEWS RECOMMENDS' badge.

They checked out or disc brake pads, our brake hoses and our floating rotors.

Here a quick summary of their disc pad feedback.

The bite is predictable and confident and they last well even on a dirty, day in day out commuting schedule. In fact, our current pair have been sitting in a fossilised SRAM Force rear brake for well over a year and still have meat on them. Vast range of pad fit options. Solid all-rounder or specialist use pad compounds.

To check out the full review which also includes the floating rotors and brake hoses, please click here.

by Mikethebike     Thu Jul 09, 2020

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