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How to install our '2020 onwards' Centerlock adaptor?
If you have a Centerlock hub and would like to fit a 6 bolt rotor like our classic stainless steel rotors (OBE-BR118) or perhaps our test-winning floating rotors (for example OBE-BR918) then you will need our Centerlock adaptor (OBE-BCLA01). Should you have the pre-2020 Centerlock adapter (see image below) - please follow the instructions here.

NOTE: Should you want to find out how to install a 6 bolt rotor to a 6 bolt hub (i.e. no adapter needed), please click here.

pre-2020 Centerlock adapter

2020 onwards Centerlock adapter for which these are the installation instructions

This how-to guide will let you know what tools and parts you will need as well as give you a step by step guide of the installation process.

What equipment and tools do you need?
1 x wheel with Centerlock hub
1 x Centerlock adaptor (OBE-BCLA01) (1)
1 x IS 6 bolt disc rotor (for example OBE-BR118) (2)
1 x set of 6 rotors bolts (3)
1 x adjustable spanner (4)
1 x cassette removal tool (5)
1 x Allen/Torx key that fits your rotor bolts or (6)
1 x multi-tool that fits your rotor bolts (7)

1.) Take the main (black) part of the Centerlock adapter and fit it to the Centerlock part of the hub so that it sits flush.

2.) Take your disc rotor and lay it onto the adapter. Make sure that it is facing the right rotational direction (see directional arrow).

3.) Put the Centerlock adapter washer (silver) onto the disc as it will prevent the adapter from rattling loose over time.

4.) Take the 1st disc bolt and screw it with your Allen/Torx key 1-2 turns into the Centerlock adapter so that the thread of the bolt has a solid grip.

5.) Repeat the process for all 6 bolts. Please do not tighten the bolts down, just make sure that their thread has a solid grip in the adapter.

6.) Take the cassette lockring and put them over the axle into the center of the disc rotor.

7.) Use your cassette removal tool and tighten the lockring clockwise, first by hand and then with your adjustable spanner. Make sure it is tight, but equally don't overtighten it.

8.) To finish the installation, use your Allen/Torx key to tighten down all 6 bolts. Depending on the diameter of the rotor bolt heads, you might experience some resistance due to the tight tolerances with the cassette lockring. Use a criss cross tightening sequence to tighten each bolt a little at a time. Carefully carry on tightening the bolts down till they are flush against the Centerlock adapter washer and tight.

Now you are ready to refit your wheel to your bike and go for a test ride with your new disc rotors set up. Make sure you check the bolts regularly as part of your regular bike maintenance regime.

Please note that our 'How to�' guides are only advisory and that we cannot be held accountable for any damage or cost in relation to this article. If you use the information in this document, you take full responsibility for the outcome. If you are at all unsure please have a qualified bicycle mechanic do this job for you. Incorrect installation can lead to failure and serious injury.

by Mikethebike     Wed Sep 30, 2020

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