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Order incomplete
Hi. I recieved an order for pads last week (UK order 1026177). It was for 4x pairs, but I only received 2x pairs. I did send an email to your support email address but have had no reply.

by nickm321     Mon Feb 08, 2021

Actually this is my current account, not nickm321.

by nickm32123     Mon Feb 08, 2021


With regards to your S1026177,

We had sent it on 4th February 2021.
It was sent by Royal Mail 1st Class mail and it has no tracking.
Usual delivery is 2 to 3 days. Royal Mail says to allow 15 days for delayed items.

Subsequently, upon receiving your second request we had resend the order (S1026468) on 8th February 2021.
Would you be able to wait till 23rd February?
Currently, due to the pandemic there are delayed deliveries.

Please be rest assured we will resolve this issue amicably and as
quickly as possible.

If you do not receive any by 23rd February do revert.

I look forward to serve you again.

Best Regards

by support     Mon Feb 08, 2021

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