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Carbon handlebar and clip on aero bars
HI All,

I have one of the flat carbon handle bars on my road bike, do you know whether it is advised to use clip on aero bars on the carbon bar. I know it also depends on the torque, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Sebastian

by sebastian74     Sun Feb 14, 2021

Hi Sebastian

Thanks for your question.

We would not recommend the use of clip on aero bars with our flat topped carbon road handlebars.

The flat aero edge would not be suitable for the round clamps.

Thanks & Regards

by support     Wed Feb 24, 2021

My bike is having a loose handlebar problem. They made me lose my balance and upset the ride, so I figured out How to Fix Loose Handlebars on a Bike. For threaded stems, first, screw the top cap onto the handlebar body. This is followed by loosening the clamp bolts by pulling the stem up and out of the guide tube. After separating the two, a thin layer of lubricant or bicycle grease should be applied, and then the guide tube should be replaced. Also, I think it's a good idea to check the removable headphones if hear any knocking, clacking, or clacking in the front of the bike, as it's very likely that the headphones are also loose.

by James7102     Sun Nov 14, 2021

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