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DiscoBrakes supports the Hungarian Cseuz Ordogei racing team

As a brand that is available all over the world, we support a variety of teams and individuals in their endeavour to achieve their goals.

The latest addition to this illustrious list, which includes riders like Jos� Antonio Hermida (Spain), C�dric Gracia (Andorra) and Matador Racing Cycling Team (Asia), to name a few, is the Hungarian Cseuz �rd�gei (Cseuz's Devils) Road and MTB cycling team.

With a long list of achievements on the road and dirt, the Cseuz �rd�gei cycling team is looking forward to a successful season taking part in Hungarian and Slovakian races.

To follow the Cseuz �rd�gei cycling team, please click here for their Facebook page.

by Mikethebike     Mon Aug 16, 2021

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