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Pads longevity
Have been using discobrakes pads for 3 years. Purchased sintered, copper-free and kevlar ones. My aim was to find pads on the market that are quiet while braking.
The kevlars and copperfree ones match that expectations. And the braking power is always there.
I have only one concern- the pad wear.
I ride a bike with many different brakes and big rotors. Roughly 6000 kms per year. I need to replace them every 3 months, about 1500 km.
Conditions? I ride when it's dry only. No radical riding style, no off road use.
From online reviews I could experience a long life expectancy, what doesn't match my experiences. I was able to get more life from any pads used before. Twice longer from cheap shimanos as an example.
Is the reality way different than Google search?

by de15dfenixjl     Sun Nov 28, 2021

And, by the way, when will you get kevlar ones again?

by de15dfenixjl     Sun Nov 28, 2021

Thanks for your message. We will send you a direct email to the email we have on your account.

Besides that, please let us know what brake model you need the kevlar pads for so that we can look into the availability for you.

The DiscoBrake Team

by Mikethebike     Tue Nov 30, 2021

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