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Get your road bike brakes winter ready

Winter is truly here with wet and gritty roads making slowing your road bike down sometimes a bit of a challenge. Make sure that your pads are in tip-top condition, and perhaps get yourself a new set from our extensive DiscoBrakes rubber road pads collection.

You will find everything from top-end CNC-machined cartridge pads via carbon options all the way to the more basic end. We also have various inserts for different rim types in the range.

Check the details and purchase your next rubber road pad here.

by Mikethebike     Wed Dec 15, 2021

Thanks for sharing the helpful details. My commuter is now my winter bike, but only because I have a nice (to me) road bike now too which I purchased from here.
Arkose with guards. Need to knock up some flaps though as it�s still getting a bit *beep* up with the lanes I use to get to work.

by henryjacob     Sun Sep 18, 2022

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