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SRAM Red AXS road brake pads

I'm running the latest SRAM Red AXS eTap 12 speed group set with their HRD disc brakes on my road bike.
For clarity, A picture of them can be found here: https://www.worldwidecyclery.com/products/sram-red-etap-axs-hrd-disc-brake-caliper-flat-mount-2-piece-polar-grey-d1
I want to upgrade to the ceramic pro brake pads for them as the originals are starting to wear out now and just wondered which pads were the correct ones for my setup?

Many thanks for your help.

by Jabberwocky     Sun Jul 31, 2022

Thanks for your message.
To find the correct pads for your brakes, we would suggest having a look at our pad identifier. You can find the details here: https://www.discobrakes.com/?s=1&t=0&f=viewtopic.php?t=4398__a__amp;

We hope that helps.


by mikethebike     Mon Aug 01, 2022

Many thanks, looks like they are OBE-DA04 for my setup.
Either way, order placed and now looking forward to better stopping power and less noise Very Happy

by Jabberwocky     Mon Aug 01, 2022

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