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eXotic Monocoque UD Carbon Rigid

I've an old Voodoo Bizango and I'm thinking of replacing the current suspension forks and going rigid, specifically with a set of the 49cm eXotic Monocoque UD Carbon forks.

I've a some questions.

1. What size is the axle
2. As I'd be putting the forks in an alu frame and the forks have a carbon steerer, do I need to use anything like carbon paste?
3. I see you do a carbon compression plug / cap -
But it's out of stock. Is there one you'd recommend for use with your forks?

Thanks a lot

by GrimUpNorth     Thu Sep 01, 2022

Thanks for your message. You can get the eXotic Monocoque UD Carbon fork in either a conventional axle (i.e. 100mm spacing and QR) or as a 15mm through axle. With regards to the fitting to an alloy frame, you would not need carbon paste. You can use some on the clamp area of the stem, but you can find some further details here: https://www.carboncycles.cc/index.php?s=1&t=0&f=viewtopic.php?t=4429__a__amp;sid=48090a3e90907e43bce41d0f1d398e32&

We don't have any specific recommendations beyond our own compression device, but we would suggest going for a quality item. There are easily available from various online retailers.

We hope that helps.


CarbonCycles & DiscoBrakes Team

by Mikethebike     Fri Sep 02, 2022

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