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How to fit a CenterLock to 6 Bolt IS Adaptor OBE-BCLA01
How to fit a (pre-2020) CenterLock to 6 Bolt International Standard Adaptor OBE-BCLA01

Pre-2020 CenterLock Adaptor OBE-BCLA01

Should you have the (2020 onwards) CenterLock adapter (see image below), please follow the instructions here.

Before fixing the adaptor to the hub, you need to first make an assembly of the adaptor and rotor, as shown below.

Tips for making the splined rotor assembly:
You can temporarily position the adaptor onto the splined hub to help hold it in place while tightening the bolts.
Use a mild thread locker.
Use a criss cross tightening sequence to tighten each bolt a little at a time.

Once the assembly is complete & tight, slide onto the splined hub. Use a cassette lockring tool to tighten the lock ring. This positions the rotor squarely onto the hub. Finally hand tighten the retaining bolt in the side of the adaptor.

For removal, do the reverse.

by support     Mon Jun 13, 2011

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