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was just wondering if you had any plans for making handlebars? i like the
look of your other products, but its bars i want at the moment.

by bars     Tue Jul 03, 2007

Yes we do have bars in the pipeline. Dates have not been finalised
yet, but hopefully later this year. Thanks for getting in touch

by support     Tue Jul 03, 2007

I'd be interested in bars as well. Primarily flat and 3-5� bends. I have no interest in riser bars, though.

by f3rg     Sun Oct 19, 2008


Ok good news, we have the following flat bars available to purchase and not yet on the website:

Meta Range
CC-HF0125 25.4, 580 Flat, Al 6061
CC-HF0131 31.8, 580 Flat, Al 6061

Super Light Scandium Range
CC-HF1325 25.4, 560 Flat, Scandium
CC-HF1331 31.8, 560 Flat, Scandium

We have riser bars too. Please note that these are not carbon products.

Let me know if any of these are of interest.


by support     Tue Oct 21, 2008

support wrote:
Super Light Scandium Range
CC-HF1325 25.4, 560 Flat, Scandium

What's the weight of this model?

by f3rg     Wed Oct 22, 2008


I'll get the exact weight & let you know.

By the way, great fork review and we noted your comment on the weights!!


by support     Fri Oct 24, 2008

CC-HF1325 25.4, 560 Flat, Scandium

Weight: 116g

by support     Sat Oct 25, 2008

The scandium models sound interest, what's the pricing like?

by df7c9kwarwtz     Sat Oct 25, 2008


I will need to check.

What country are you in?


by support     Tue Oct 28, 2008

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