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All Weather Brakes Shoes and Replaceable Pads
Explorer Aluminum Cartridge & Replaceable Pad

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Replacement rubber pads are available for this aluminum cartridge system

XTR level 72mm cartridge brake shoe set with black anodized aluminum pad holder

These multi-function pads are designed with an air intake to cool them down during prolonged braking. The longitudinal grooves improve wet weather performance & the tip has been designed to clear dirt.

Upgrade V-Brake pads complete with re-useable Cartridge Holders.

  • Superior braking performance
  • Higher Power
  • Excellent all weather and all terrain control
  • Lower noise in all conditions
  • Easy to fit

    Compatible with V brakes including Shimano XTR, XT, LX, SRAM 9.0, 7.0, 5.0, Cane Creek Direct Curve, Diacompe Lineare 9.0, Monolite L/P, Avid Arch Rival, Arch Supreme, Single Digit, Tektro MT-20, MT-31, MT-11, 847a, 829A

    For replacement rubber shoes order OBE-M31R. Also compatible with OBE-M42P (tri-performance) and other 72mm rubber shoes inserts.

    UPC: 5055429902898
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    All Weather Brakes Shoes and Replaceable Pads (pair)

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