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All Weather Brake Replacement Rubber Pad Inserts
Explorer Replacement Rubber Pads

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Set of replacement rubber shoe inserts for cartridge systems.

Length: 72mm
Includes 2 pads and 2 pins.

These multi-function pads are designed with an air intake to cool them down during prolonged braking. The longitudinal grooves improve wet weather performance & the tip has been designed to clear dirt.

  • Superior braking performance
  • Higher Power
  • Excellent all weather and all terrain control
  • Lower noise in all conditions
  • Easy to fit

    These inserts are compatible with 72mm V-brake cartridges such as OBE-M30AR (Explorer), OBE-M51TR (Titanium), OBE-M51CR (Carbon), OBE-M41CP (Carbon) and OBE-M40AP (Silver).

    UPC: 5055429902904
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    All Weather Brake Replacement Rubber Pad Inserts (pair)

    US $11.19
    In Stock in the USA  

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